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Intellicell Biosciences, Inc. SVFC (OTC:QB)

Intellicell Biosciences Inc. SVFC(OTC:QB)

SVFC is a strong buy in our opinion sitting near 52week low

pps- .0019 – near 52 week low –  target  .01 -.02 early 2014 ( Approx. 500-1000% gain possible) SVFC is in court this week (as the plantiff) and expecting SVFC to be awarded damages from Ironridge!READ THIS~

SVFC $$$$ On watch for granting of International Patent! Getting closer…and closer…check it out! European Patent basics: http://epo.org/applying/basics.html

Intellicell Biosciences Inc

SVFC (OTC) Intellicell Biosciences Inc.

intellicell biosciences inc

5. Publication of the application – DONE – see link below

The application is published – normally together with the search report – 18 months after the date of filing or, if priority was claimed, the priority date. Applicants then have six months to decide whether or not to pursue their application by requesting substantive examination. Alternatively, an applicant who has requested examination already will be invited to confirm whether the application should proceed. Within the same time limit the applicant must pay the appropriate designation fee and, if applicable, the extension fees. From the date of publication, a European patent application confers provisional protection on the invention in the states designated in the application. However, depending on the relevant national law, it may be necessary to file a translation of the claims with the patent office in question and have this translation published.

6. Substantive examination DONE – see link below

After the request for examination has been made, the European Patent Office examines whether the European patent application and the invention meet the requirements of the European Patent Convention and whether a patent can be granted. An examining division normally consists of three examiners, one of whom maintains contact with the applicant or representative. The decision on the application is taken by the examining division as a whole in order to ensure maximum objectivity.

European Patent Register, Event History: EP2658969: https://register.epo.org/application?number=EP11854049&lng=en&tab=event

04.10.2013 (US date 10/04/2013) Publication in section I.1 EP Bulletin DONE
09.10.2013 (US date 10/09/3013) Notification on forthcoming publication of bibliographic data DONE

04.10.2013 Request for examination filed DONE

Guess which step is next?…..See below – Hint..Step #7 -


If the examining division decides that a patent can be granted, it issues a decision to that effect. A mention of the grant is published in the European Patent Bulletin once the translations of the claims have been filed and the fee for grant and publication have been paid. The decision to grant takes effect on the date of publication. The granted European patent is a “bundle” of individual national patents.

European Patent in National Phase

Australian Patent in National Phase

Canadian Patent in National Phase

IntelliCell Biosciences Announces it Has Received Notification That International Patents for Canada, Europe and Korea Are Filed and Pending Approvals

IntelliCell BioSciences Receives Notice of Its Thailand Patent Application for Its Stem Cell Extraction

Myron Z. Holubiak – Board of Directors SVFC

-Former President of Roche Laboratories:
a $2.8 billion dollar company with over 3,500 employees

Said Mr. Holubiak, “The decades of scientific research into regenerative medicine is now showing dramatic results and fulfilling the promise we all had hoped for.

Dr. Victor’s pioneering efforts in the advancement of the science and his innovations in the use of ultrasonic cavitation is now setting the standard for the harvest of autologous stromal vascular fractions that are demonstrating promise in clinical efficacy.”

HELLO!!! FORMER PRESIDENT OF ROCHE!!! It is an understatement to say Intellicell Biosciences undervalued!!

Could Mr. Holubiak be our connection for the current talks of partnerships??

Professor Joachim Kohn – Scientific Advisory Board SVFC

-Director of the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials
-Board of Governors Professor of Chemistry at Rutgers University
-PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Science
-Postdoctoral scientist- Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Professor Kohn is currently doing research using SVFC’s Intellicell biosciences process. This is being done at Rutgers University’s New Jersey Center for Biomaterials in development. The goal is to develop projects that may lead to bioengineered products containing the proprietary IntelliCell cellular population and products under development at the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials.

Professor Kohn states:

“This is a truly exciting opportunity for us. We have a number of highly advanced scaffolds for regenerative therapies (e.g. re-growing bone, nerve, and skin), and we expect that IntelliCell’s cell populations will significantly enhance the effectiveness of our biomaterials-based scaffolds . In this collaborative research project, we are combining the outstanding cell biology expertise of IntelliCell with the expertise of our chemists and materials scientists. We believe that through this collaboration, we will be able to demonstrate the merits of interdisciplinary research efforts between industry and academia. In addition, emerging companies like IntelliCell are the main driving force for health care innovation, and we are delighted to assist such companies with technologies under development.”


Currently, four companies develop medical products based on Kohn’s technologies and, to-date, about 30,000 patients benefit from these products.

Sam Khashman – Board of Directors SVFC

-Successfully directed the creation and launch of 14 products and 3 companies in healthcare, financial, and manufacturing.
-President and Chief Executive Officer of Technology Partners.
-Created the IMAGINE practice management system that is currently used in 48 States by more than 10,000 physicians.

Mr.Sam Khashman has tremendous knowledge of the medical field, most notably in healthcare reimbursements. He is currently working to get the SVFC procedure covered by insurance!

1. Top SVFC cell processing in the world. Yields 10-1000 times SVF cells of all competitors. Cheaper, faster, easier and uses no enzymes.
2. US patent.
3. Several current clinical trials.
4. Revolutionary technology in the fastest growing sector of medicine.
5. Board of Directors, Board of Advisors: Highly respected, world renowned, extremely successful Businessmen and Physicians.
6. International patents pending.
7. Partnership with large biotech in the works.

SVFC Intellicell Biosciences Inc: In-Human Clinical Studies

Osteoarthritis – phase 1 and 2a study

Dr. James Andrews & Prof. Saith Jazrawi (NYU), Dr. John Theodopolous (Mt. Sinai Toronto)
Focus: pain relief and cartilage regeneration using SVF via intravenous and injection. Randomized double-blind dose-controlled study to show safety and primary efficacy

Multiple Sclerosis – phase 1 and 2a study

Dr. Fred Lublim (Mt. Sinai, NY) recipient of largest-ever NIH grant ($40M) to find MS cure
In planning stages with Dr. Lublim for open label study of moderate to severe MS patients

Non-Healing Diabetic Ulcers – phase 1 and 2a study

Dr. Harold Brem (Winthrop Univ. Hospital NY), one of the foremost wound healing authorities
IntelliCell and Dr. Brem are developing a treatment methodology that may substantially alter
outcomes for subjects facing amputation as the only alternative

Oral Cavity Gum and Bone Regeneration – phase 1 and 2a study

Dr. Nicholas Toscano, Manhattan periodontics specialist
Study based on peer-reviewed SVF article showing restoration of gum tissue and bone mass

Dermal Regeneration – phase 1 and 2a study

Dr. Sydney Coleman (NY) and Dr. Peter Ashby (London), expert plastic surgeon in autologous cellular treatments
Study will focus on the regenerative capability of IntelliCells to address the aesthetic effects of SVF on wrinkles, lines, scarring, and burn conditions in the human skin


Millipore, a Division of Merck, Germany
accumulation of data and QA of specimens using flow cytometry

Numoda Corporation, Philadelphia
clinical trial accounting as our Clinical Research Organization

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